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A Pursuit of Madness : A Twisted Princess Collection by Amber Bunch
Publication Date: October 31, 2023
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Some say I was driven to madness. Others say I'm a stone-cold killer. The truth is . . . I'm just ridding this world of its most depraved souls, one surgery at a time. Banished from Wonderland as a child, I have searched for years to find a way back to the twisted realm that took everything from me. But for years, I failed. Until now. And if there's one thing I crave more than poetic justice, it's revenge on the Queen who banished me. When the looking glass reappears, I'm thrust back into Wonderland, right into the hands of the Black Spade brothers. They're monsters with a knack for taking what they want, and an insatiable taste for blood and vengeance. They've vowed to break me, but what they don't know is . . . I won't break easily. I've managed to escape their clutches—for now—but how long can I run until I'm captured by the Queen's executioners? Or, worse, back in the deadly grip of the Black Spade brothers? A Pursuit of Madness is a dark retelling. Reader discretion is advised.
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