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Omega for the Clan: An Omegaverse Romance (Highland Clan Omegaverse Book 1) by Luna Darling
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
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A Scottish clan should be able to select whichever omega they want for their ruling pack, but the woman they choose has other plans for her destiny. Freya Stumbling across a clan pack and a lone woman in a hotel room, was nothing like my mother had warned me about. She used to tell dark tales of how packs would treat omegas like me. Yet, what I witnessed in that room left me wanting the attention they lavished on that woman. As my heat draws near and I become overwhelmed by arousal, all I can think about is being with them. But, I’ve never even been with a single man before, let alone four powerful, hot alphas. So, I run in the wrong direction - back to my dangerous past. Connall As Chief of the Clan, it is my duty to secure my pack's position, but ever since that woman burst into our hotel room, all I can think about is her. Risking the safety of the clan for just one female seems reckless, yet we pursue her anyway—even if it turns out to be the wrong decision. ——— If you like your omegaverse romances with, scorching why-choose scenes, a hot alpha pack, a sweet yet sassy omega, nesting, knotting, suspense, and a guaranteed HEA, then you’ll love Omega for the Clan.
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