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Perilous (Chaos Magic Book 5) by Elle Lincoln
Publication Date: September 5, 2023
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Chaos incites with a witch’s blood,Then the curse is firm and good. The world crumbles all around me, cities burn, and chaos unfolds. Driven not by heroism, but by a festering pain and seething anguish, I yearn for the inferno to consume everything. The flames dance in my eyes as the world burns, mirroring the tempest within me. With my best friend's absence, a void gnaws at my heart, and the revelation of our existence to mortals amplifies the chaos. My plate overflows with responsibilities, yet all I truly crave is a fleeting oblivion, to surrender to the winds of fate and let them carry me wherever they choose. Destiny is no kind mistress. Just when I thought I could succumb to the abyss, a familiar presence claws through my mental prison. The one who once shaped my path draws me from the precipice, thrusting me back into a confrontation with my own existence. As Deimos emerges, his malevolent presence casts a shadow over all. Trapped under his spell, we are marionettes in his grand performance. My mates and I forge a solemn vow, a promise to shatter every hold Deimos has on Earth. Yet, the battlefield of power has grown, and the echoes of our steps no longer reverberate alone. The gods themselves have taken notice of our defiance, offering us a single day to topple Deimos from his blood-soaked throne. The question looms, heavy as the weight of the world: will our determination carve a path to victory, or will the relentless sands of time erode our very essence? Only the Fates, those weavers of destiny, hold the enigmatic answer that will decide the fate of all realms. In the maelstrom of uncertainty, as chaos and order clash in a symphony of destruction, one truth remains: the journey's end beckons, and none can predict whether it leads to salvation or annihilation. Perilous is Book 5 in a 5 Book seriesfull of magic, chaos and one witch who refuses to choose between all the demons vying for her attention (contains MMFMM). This book ends with a HEA. This series contains darker elements than my normal books, please see my website below for TW's. ElleLincoln (dot) com
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