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The Surrender To Summer: Solstice Shield Book 2 by Kacey Lee & Becky Tama
Publication Date: September 1, 2023
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Is it hot in here or is it just my four new boyfriends? Can I even call them that? The seasons are changing, and I find myself completely caught in the thrall of dating the four magical god-like men. And, yes, it is as delicious as anyone would expect. Minus the fact I’m still hiding secrets, my family is on the run, and I have to face my old employers who held me captive in their weird experiments. But Summer keeps trying to take charge of everything, and it’s boiling up between us. He’s hiding something behind that smooth facade, I know it, but in order to strip Summer back to his true self, I will need to lay secrets bare myself. So maybe things could be better, but I’m finally learning to live my life a little… At least when it’s not being risked. Perfect for fans of RH/'Why Choose' fantasy romance. Suggested for 18+ due to language and explicit scenes.
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