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No Pucking Way: A Hockey Romance by C.R. Jane & May Dawson
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
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I woke up in the hospital three years ago with no idea of who I am, or where I’m from. Every day, I walk aimlessly around the city, searching for anything that reawakens my memory. I don’t find it until I apply for a job at the local hockey arena, home of the NHL hockey team the Devils. Three sexy hockey players inside look…familiar. They all insist they don’t know me. I take a job working concessions while I try to fight my amnesia. I watch them. They ignore me. Until a handsome, dark-eyed, tattooed mafia man saunters into the skating rink and starts sweet talking me. Then they jump off the ice, ready to fight him to the death. He seems ready to return the favor. They tell me we all have history. The next thing I know, I’m being swept out of my everyday life and into glamorous darkness…and into a war between men I evidently used to love.
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