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Bloody Desecration (Degenerates and Sin Book 3) by CM Wondrak
Publication Date: August 15, 2023
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He’s calculated. Emotionless. And he’s as off-limits as anyone could be… Alistair Montgomery was supposed to be my stepfather when my mom married him, but he’s so much more than that now. I was meant to be a present for his nephew, Gareth, but keeping away from each other became a thousand times harder once we crossed that line. He’s a killer, just like Gareth. Just like Rick. Maybe he’s the worst of them all, a man who has the world fooled. And he wants me. He says I make him feel things he’s never felt before. Too bad my mom isn’t the only problem we have. We thought we were done with it. The bodies, the killing, but it turns out our mysterious killer wasn’t working alone… and he’s come to Eastcreek to make me pay for what I’ve done. But if he thinks I’m an easy target, he’s got another thing coming. My three savage, beautiful monsters aren’t the only ones willing to get their hands dirty. And by dirty, I mean bloody. Bloody Desecration is the third and final book the Degenerates and Sin trilogy.
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