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Tempting Chaos: A Morally Grey Goddess Medium Burn Fantasy (Time of Chaos Book 1) by Rebekah Margaret Doss
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
Amazon Book Description

A powerless goddess and god in a new place. The consequences of the death by their hands. Will they be able to prevent the prophecy and keep their worlds safe? One minute Caliessa was being sentenced because of the minor issue of murdering another goddess, and the next, she was waking up in the mortal realm with Theo. Knowing he'd forced his way into his own sentencing because he refused to leave her was a separate concern. The prophecy was their biggest concern if hundreds of years had passed since they'd been stranded. The prophecy spoke to the downfall of their very existence. It spoke of the death of the council of gods and their king - Caliessa's father. It spoke of ending everything they knew and cared about. Finding a way back to their god realm becomes harder than anticipated. Caliessa and Theo, once powerful beings, are now closer to being mortals themselves. They find that more time has passed in both realms than should have. No one has heard from a god in hundreds of years - leaving the question: Has the prophecy already come to pass? This is a story that involves more than one love interest, and she does not have to choose between them.
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