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Charity: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling Dark Contemporary Romance (Virtues Fairytales) by Alexandra K Martin
Publication Date: September 1, 2023
Amazon Book Description

When Foxy has to move home to help with her family's Garage after two of her brothers leave to take care of some other family business in El Salvador, she makes it very clear that she has no intention in getting involved in the family's more lucrative business: the Hernandez Cartel.The only thing she enjoys almost as much as working on a car, is her "hit it and quit it" lifestyle. Unfortunately, Beau and Theod have other ideas. Meeting the two is easy, enjoying their company is even easier, but the feelings that creep in without her permission have got to go. Worst of all, the two best friends and Foxy have no idea how intertwined they really are. What will happen when all parts of her life come crashing together and she can no longer escape her fate as a Hernandez? Charity is book 1 in the Virtues Fairytales Series and in the same shared world as the Sinners Fairytale Series. It is a Dark Contemporary RH fairytale retelling of Beauty and the Beast. While it is one of the books in a shared world, it is also a standalone and can be read on its own.
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