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Uniting Their Pack: The Lost Therian Omega by Aisling Cousins
Publication Date: August 29, 2023
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Why does everyone underestimate me? We might have been one step behind, but I’m done standing by and allowing the good things in my life to be interrupted, attacked, or broken. After my fathers’ deaths and the two packs joining together, I thought our biggest concern would be searching for answers while navigating inter-pack politics. Life is never that easy, though, is it? That search for answers abruptly ends when an unlikely blast from my past arrives with the answers we seek. This time Brody and his cohorts aren’t getting the last laugh. I will form alliances and be the glue that holds them together if no one else steps up. I’ve met my eighth mate. His life has been anything but kind, and Brody is at the core of everything. The beta gorilla has a lot to answer for. And with the help of my mates, my friends, and if they agree, the Council, I plan to make him pay. Uniting Their Pack is book three in The Lost Therian Omega series, which must be read in order. This is a paranormal why-choose romance, meaning the main character will not have to choose between love interests. This book is suitable for readers 18+ due to content including but not limited to explicit language, sexual scenes, MM. This series does contain sensitive content. Your mental health is essential, and a full list of warnings will be at the front of the book. Please read these first.
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