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Baby for the Mercenaries: A Military Reverse Harem Romance
Publication Date: May 23, 2023
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As a high-end surrogate for a mystery client, Quinn's shocked to learn she's pregnant by one of three ripped, musclebound mercenaries. The down side? These ex-Special Forces just happen to be hunted by the shattered remnants of a dangerous Colombian cartel. I volunteered as a surrogate because I needed the money, plus I figured I'd be helping a couple in need. I never imagined the three sizzling mystery men dipping in and out of my life were just looking out for their own best interests: mainly, the child I was carrying in my belly. THEIR child. But these men also harbor a dangerous secret, and one that could put an end to us all. As ex-Special Forces, in playing the hero they've made some deadly worldwide enemies. And after being hunted for years, it turns out these brothers-in-arms are finally through running. Evan is the tattooed super soldier, with a handsomely stubbled jaw and a grin almost as deadly as his two big hands. Joshua is the blond-haired, blue-eyed Army specialist, and Cole is the silent genius; a bearded giant of a Navy SEAL, as grimly intelligent as he is deadly. Together these men are willing to do anything to protect me, and pay any price. Unknowingly pulled into their intense world of brotherhood and danger, I'm ready and willing to watch their backs as well. Can the four of us put an end to our relentless enemies, once and for all? Or will the vengeful Ferrera cartel prove powerful enough to destroy everything in its path? BABY FOR THE MERCENARIES is a smoldering, standalone military reverse harem love story overflowing with suspense, humor, action, and enough heat to burn a hole in you kindle! HEA guaranteed!
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