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Puck It Up: A Reverse Harem Hockey Romance
Publication Date: May 18, 2023
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From the dirty mind that brought you Passing Emma, Puck It Up is an extra-spicy MFMMM+ reverse harem hockey romance.

Lola thought she had left Casper, Wyoming, and Reid Wright, in her rearview mirror. But then she's offered a great job right out of school as a sports massage therapist--for the Ice Hawks, Casper's local minor league hockey team. She returns reluctantly to her hometown to discover that the brooding ex who ghosted her five years ago is an Ice Hawks defenseman with a serious chip on his shoulder. When an old, familiar injury flares up, she has to put her personal feelings aside and do her job, no matter how much it might hurt. She has more than enough on her plate already, but that doesn't stop her from striking up a secret affair with the head coach. And when she has to work one-on-one with the injured star goalie, sparks are flying. How could she ever choose just one of these gorgeous hunks when she wants them all and, better yet, they all want her?

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