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Charming Her Monsters: A Paranormal Why Choose Romance (Bewitching Monsters Book 2) by Yve Vale
Publication Date: September 26, 2023
Amazon Book Description

The big, bad monsters under the bed have come out to play. When the hot guys from the bar reveal their hidden monsters, I’m stunned and intrigued. Now I know the supernatural world from my paranormal romance novels is real, I naturally make a list of things to experience… For research. Yet, it’s finding out I’m a witch that rattles my grasp on reality. My magic is the only link to the ghost of their dead pack mate, and the key to unlocking his murder. With tensions escalating between witches and supernatural beings, I'm a dangerous tool neither side wishes to give up. Finding out I’m a witch is a shock. Finding out these monsters vow to protect their sworn enemy? Holy monster mash. Do I dare to hope that these monsters want me for more than just intel and my unique magic? For more information about content, visit the author's website.
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