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Savage Trap: A Reverse Harem Shifter Omegaverse (Blood Brothers Book 3) by Roxy Collins
Publication Date: September 26, 2023
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It’s been six months since we took down the Tower, ending the violent rule of the Dark River Pack in New York. Life is better than I’ve ever known it, living on my father’s estate in Boston with my fated pack. But the shadows of the past hang over us, and Arben, my dark prince and guardian of our pack, rarely makes it home. He’s hunting down the last of our enemies, while we work on our bonds, and provide shelter for the first group of omegas rescued by the Underground. Until duty calls and we have to leave home to help my dad set up an alpha council. Our mission is to convince the pack leaders on the east coast that we can work together and repair the damage of the Dark River Pack. But everywhere we turn there are hidden agendas, red tape, and endless rumors about our role in the tower ruins. Things I could live with, if my pack didn’t have its own problems. With Arben little more than a ghost, my lack of a bond with Link is making us weak. Then there’s my attraction to Nate, the beta accountant with seductive green eyes and secrets of his own. But most disturbing of all, there’s something stalking us, luring my pack into a showdown with old enemies, and drawing dangerous new threats our way. This is a continuation of the BLOOD BROTHERS DUET, but can be read as a standalone duet. It’s a dark shifter omegaverse and is a continuing story, so expect a cliffhanger. Full TWs in the Author's Note.
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