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God Complex: A Why Choose Dark Romance by Darcy Dahlia
Publication Date: May 16, 2023
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What do you do when all your wildest dreams come true? My name is Kit Salazar and all of my dreams just came true. I’m a romance writer and my debut novel is going to be the summer’s hottest movie for two very big reasons: Rafe Burdock and Grant Stone. They’re Hollywood’s hottest actors. Any project they take on turns to gold and somehow they’re starring in a movie based on my book. They’re also the men I’ve fantasized about for years. Rafe and Grant have been the inspiration for the heroes and villains I’ve written about in every single one of my romance books. I don’t know when I started seeing their faces when it comes to happily-ever-after, but now that I’ve started I can’t stop. Not even when both men do what I never dreamed they were capable of… They both want me. It’s something that could only happen in my books, but suddenly my life becomes a fantasy darker than any romance I’ve ever written. Because Rafe and Grant are not who they seem. They’re dark and obsessive when it comes to me. The more that I try to make sense of the attraction I feel for both men, the more I lose sense of who I am and just how far I’m willing to go when it comes to getting what I want. When my world falls apart and there’s nothing but darkness, Rafe and Grant draw me further away from the woman I was. I’m terrified of who they’re forcing me to become. I used to dream of happily-ever-afters from Rafe and Grant, but will I survive it? Please Note: This is book 1 of a Duet, but is not a cliffhanger and does have an HEA.
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