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Cold as Ice: An Enemies-to-Lovers Hockey Romance (Savage Kings of Bradwyn U Book 2) by Rachel Jonas & Nikki Thorne
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
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I swore I’d never fall for an enemy, but now… I’ve fallen for them all. The Savages are ruthless on ice and downright coldhearted in every other way. They once promised to ruin me—and came incredibly close to succeeding—but our hearts have aligned, and my secrets are theirs, too. Tragedy has again darkened my world, leaving me afraid of my own shadow. I swear there’s danger lurking around every corner. Still, these four have vowed to protect me at all costs. Whoever did this is about to learn a valuable lesson. The only thing worse than messing with a Savage… is messing with their girl. *** More about COLD AS ICE - Dark Themes - enemies to lovers - Hockey/Sports Romance - RH/Why Choose - Plus-size heroine - New Adult/College Romance - KINGS OF CYPRESS POINTE crossover (absolutely no need to read that series first) WARNING: The male characters in this series proudly wave all 99+ of their red flags. In other words, this dark bully romance contains graphic content and questionable behavior not suitable for or enjoyed by all readers. If you’re sensitive to certain themes and scenarios, check the full content warning inside the book. Read responsibly and at your own risk. Also, this is the first installment in a trilogy and Stevie won’t get her HEA until the end. One-click today and jump in! Smooches, RJ & NT
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