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Deadly Seduction (Deadliest Love Book 2) by Holly Bloom
Publication Date: September 18, 2023
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What if completing a mission means breaking your heart? My orders are clear. I have three days to gather information, then kill them all. Unlucky for me, one of my targets is the tall, dark, handsome man I’ve spent years fantasising about. After buying my lies, Frederick James thinks he’s my saviour. Although time has passed, our sizzling chemistry hasn’t faded. He promises his gang can keep me safe, but they don’t know I’m the one they need protection from. While Freddie, Seb, and Callen make plans to save their friend, unexpected feelings and vengeful assassins make me question where my loyalty lies. However, three smoking hot men vying for my attention can’t distract me from my purpose, no matter how hard they are to resist… AUTHOR NOTES: Deadly Temptation is a dark, slow build, why choose romance set in London's criminal underworld. This is book two of four in the Deadliest Love series. Expect serial killers, undercover assassins, a curvy FMC who'd rather spill blood over tears, and possessive men who fall hard and fast. Be warned though, these pages bleed with tension, twists, and scorching spice. Contains mature themes, so reader caution is advised.
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