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Fractured Souls (Tears of the Siren Book 5) byM. Sinclair
Publication Date: May 5, 2023
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Time is almost up…they’re almost here.

With Mr. Black destroyed, peace has been restored to the Demonic realm…well, until a prophecy is given to me in front of everyone. A prophecy that reveals the truth to all present: the truth, that I’m a siren.

So we leave and go to the one place where I can practice my magic safely and may just provide us clues to defeating the cosmic entities threatening everyone—the Eleven realm.

But what happens when I learn more about my past than I could have ever thought possible? What happens when we have to go to the Kingdom of Day? The place that corrupts the purest of souls.

As danger barrels towards us, there is one thing I’m sure of—my fractured soul may be the one thing that could save everyone.


Note from Author:The Tears of the Siren series will feature characters from both the Reborn series and the Descendant series. It will not be necessary to read either of those to understand the plot, however, they do intertwine in a way that enhances the universe. Don’t worry, no spoilers are present!

Fractured Souls is the fifth installment of the Tears of the Siren series. This is a dark paranormal romance reverse harem romance that features multiple triggers and heavy topics such as: substance abuse, violence, post-traumatic stress, and sexual assault/abuse. All characters are over the age of 18.

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