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Semester 4 (Urban Academy) byMazzy J. Shorts
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I made a deal with a coven for the life of my mate. In exchange, in my haste, I allowed them to absorb my powers. Powers I’d only come into for a short time. They stole them. I was an ignorant human, desperate for my mate. They took advantage of it. I will get it back, if it’s the last thing I do. Storm was bitten by vampires. Bishop and Fox made it out alive. I’ve got a gang of paranormal rogues out for my neck, or all of me. I have three mates–at least, that’s what I think. At least I gave up my powers for something real–someone who means the world to me. I would’ve given my life if they had asked. It kind of feels like I did. I’ve made a deal with the devil, or at least the witches, and now I have to find out how to undo it. Figure out this whole harem business. Find out who is the mastermind behind these attacks and why they want me. Just a typical day in this new city life. Urban Academy Semester 4 is the fourth story in the Urban Academy series by bestselling author Mazzy J. March. The first books follow the story of Valentina’s new life in the city at The Academy where she learns that the world is much broader and more varied than she ever dreamed and sometimes a human girl’s fate may twine with that of another kind of being. Or three.
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