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The Devils That Take Her (4 Horsemen Book 1) by Cassie Hargrove & Story Brooks
Publication Date: October 20, 2023
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If a black card with your name on it ends up in our hands, your time is up. We never asked to become, nor wanted to be, the harbingers of death and destruction. But we were moulded this way, and we take pride in our work. When a job over a priest ends with a little nun in our laps, we don’t know if we should end her life or play with our food. After all, keeping things alive isn’t our specialty. Get ready, little sinner, the Horsemen have come to take you… **The 4 Horsemen series is a part of the Deadly Seven world but CAN be read as a standalone series (though there will be some spoilers to the Deadly Seven Series, so be mindful).** **A dark why choose romance with a list of trigger warnings in the front of the book. Please see these before reading.**
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