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Sweetheart: Part One (A Reverse Harem Omegaverse Bully Duet Book 1) by Marie Mackay
Publication Date: September 8, 2023
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Never let them discover I’m an omega. Never let them discover I’m their mate. Bitten and bonded against my will, I’ve become a ransom for the celebrity alphas I scent matched. They're my last chance at freedom, and I have to make them fall for me before it’s too late. Sent into their home disguised as a Sweetheart—a beta companion for aggressive alphas without an omega—I’m forced to keep my status secret until they fall for me, or until my heat arrives. But I grew up obsessed with the Crimson Fury Pack; they aren’t just smoking hot celebrity actors, they’re kind and generous. I know I can convince them to save me. Only, once in their home, I learn all too fast that my mates are nothing like they appear in interviews and magazines… What will they do when they learn the truth about the beta Sweetheart in their home...? Release date: Sept 8th This is a bully omegaverse, MFMMM why choose with dark themes. HEA guaranteed. Estimated launch date in September. This is part one of a duet with a cliffhanger and the second part will be released soon after (the goal of no more than two months between) This duet takes place in the PoisonVerse but is a standalone story and can be read independently.
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