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Primal Instincts: Volume 8 byNicole Edwards
Publication Date: May 12, 2023
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When you’re determined enough, you can accomplish almost anything. That’s my mantra as I deal with the upheaval my absence has caused. Although they’re slow to accept my apology, the men in my life are coming around. It helps that I want nothing more than to prove to them that I’m no longer a flight risk. I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they know how much they mean to me. Unfortunately, I’m not the only person fueled by fierce determination. The man out to hurt me to punish those I care about has proven he’s willing to do whatever is necessary to rip apart my life bit by bit. He’s a worthy adversary; I’ll give him that. But no one could’ve predicted his final move—the one that could destroy everything we’ve worked so hard to build.
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