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The Protector Guild: Books 1-3 byGray Holborn
Publication Date: April 13, 2023
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They don't want to want her, but they do... In the shadows of the human world, a secret society of demon hunters fights to keep humanity from the supernatural forces that threaten to tear it apart. But for Max Bentley, a rookie hunter struggling to find her place amongst her kind, the biggest threat might just be the four brooding, enigmatic members of the most elite team of hunters - all of whom seem to have taken a special, antagonistic interest in her. She quickly discovers that their past is as dark and complicated as her own. As she is drawn deeper into the mysterious world of demon hunting, she finds herself torn between her duty to her people and her growing attraction to her team. It's more than her heart on the line, it's the very fabric of our world. Devour this exciting new paranormal romance series now! The FMC will end up with multiple partners (one, another woman), no choosing! This set includes the first THREE full novels: Academy of Protectors Forging the Guild Dreams of Hell Also in this series: Hell and Back (book 4) Abyss of Ruins (book 5) Fashioned by Flames (book 6) Dark Before Dawn (book 7 coming soon) The World Undone (Book 8 coming soon) Saving the Protector (prequel standalone m/f novella) ◆◆◆ Max's story is a slow-burn urban fantasy series. Get ready for action, spice, and intrigue. The series is 8 novels long, so it book 3 does end on a cliffhanger ◆◆◆
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