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Her Feral Beasts: A Villains WhyChoose Fated Mates Paranormal Romance (Her Vicious Beasts Book 1) by E.P. Bali
Publication Date: September 30, 2023
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In a world full of Vicious Beasts, if you are not a predator, you are prey. With my life going down in literal flames I ran from everything. From my father, from a forced marriage, from my mates. Now, charged with a crime I didn’t commit, they’re all hunting me. And they’re all furious. The dangerous deputy headmaster of Animus Academy manages to catch me and along with three of my five mates we’re taken back to the prison-school they use to teach feral beasts how to be civilised. Now I’m locked up with the very men I’ve been trying to avoid all my life. No one can know who my mates are. No one can know who I really am. Because if they do, it’s lights out for me. I’ll be chained up and bred until I die. And I refuse to allow that to happen. The only problem? My mates are really dangerous. As in Grade A lethal monsters that everyone is terrified of, and their eyes are fixed on me. This is the first book in a New Adult WhyChoose/RH MFMMMM 5 book series where the heroine has five fated mate love interests that will form a group/pack. It is slow burn with 18+ spice starting from book 1. Each book has a cliffhanger ending but the series will finish with a HEA. Length: 115K Tropes: WhyChoose, fated mates/group, found family, hidden identity, hidden powers, mid burn Please see author's website for content warnings: There will be five books in this series + prequel + ending novella. Prequel: Her Vicious Beasts: The Beginning (Available in The Blood of the Covenant Anthology) #1 Her Feral Beasts #2 Her Rabid Beasts #3 Her Psycho Beasts #4 Her Tortured Beasts #5 Her Monstrous Beasts
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