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Realm of Ruin (Camelot Untold Book 2)
Publication Date: June 30, 2023
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I’ve bound myself to the Knights of the Round Table… and they’ve been snatched away from me. I’m out of the crumbling kingdom of Camelot, yet I’m no safer anywhere I go. I don’t have my possessive, protective warriors to lean on in this wild realm. Instead, I’m stuck with the mysterious adventurer who rescued me. The most famous of all the heroes from legend. Except this man is not the charming, chivalrous knight from stories. I don’t trust him. He scares me, and he’s equal parts mystery, danger, and red-hot sin. Meanwhile, King Arthur has been overthrown by one of his closest allies. Reports of Arthur’s death surge through Logres, but I refuse to believe it. All I know is Camelot is in trouble with a rebel usurper as its leader. Can I learn to trust the scarred man I’m with? Will he truly bring me to the mystical Old One, or does he have his own ulterior motives? There’s something greater at work here than petty wars between kings. As I navigate this treacherous world, I pray I can reunite with my beautifully damaged knights before my fate is revealed… and sealed. Author’s Note: Realm of Ruin ups the ante in the “Camelot Untold” saga. This fantasy romance retelling of King Arthur is steamy, twisted, and dark. The morally gray men get grayer, the graphic depictions of lewdness and violence get more graphic (if you can believe it), and the secrets get darker. Please read the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book!
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