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Sparkles and Spankings: A Reverse Harem Romance (Christmas Cherry Auction) by Sylvie Haas
Publication Date: March 14, 2023
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My sassy mouth has gotten me in trouble more than once. Then I’m bid on by three guys who understand how to handle it! I’m participating in a charity auction to raise money for the local fire department and I’m doing it right. Wasting no time identifying the ‘money guys’ in the room, I taunt them into a bidding war. It works—possibly too well. When the bidding gets out of hand and the auction is halted, the three highest bidders come to me with a private proposition. They’ll triple the top bid if I’ll commit the required four hours to each of them…and not just for the suggested tasks like cleaning or gift wrapping. Will they change their minds if I tell them I’m not experienced in those other types of tasks? Logic tells me this is a bad idea, but the Christmas season has me in the mood to believe this can work. Will my decision become a regret? I have twelve hours to find out. If you love dirty-talking men who have over-the-top ideas of how to please their woman and want to give her babies, enroll yourself in the Christmas Cherry Auction! This story was previously released in the Wanted: Mistletoe anthology.
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