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Heat Trap: a reverse harem omegaverse romance by V. C. Lluxe
Publication Date: March 25, 2023
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An omega cop.An alpha criminal. A trap sprung of scent and instinct. As a woman and an omega, Devya Michael is a rarety in the Alpha Crimes Unit. It’s a boys’ club, a betas’ club, and she aims to make her mark and prove herself. If that means she goes undercover and triggers her heat? If it means she serves herself up as a lure for Finnian Travis, head of an interconnected syndicate of criminal motorcycle clubs? She’ll do it. Her partner, no-nonsense alpha Gabriel Johnson, is supposed to be there to make sure that things don’t go too far with Finn. But the truth is, she and Gabriel are having trouble keeping their relationship strictly professional. And Finn himself is cocksure, scarred, and appealing, with an alpha scent so intense that it makes her whine and perfume. Finn’s second-in-command, Wolff Merrick, with his big hands and his gentle voice, scents pretty good to her, too. She begins to dread her impending heat in a way that’s not dread at all, in a way that’s really half-mad yearning. This trap is meant to snare a criminal alpha. But she begins to wonder who is the one who’s been caught here, and who it is who’s never going to escape. This reverse harem romance is set in a contemporary non-shifter omegaverse world and it contains male-on-male interaction.
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