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Her Ravishing Suitors: A Historical Reverse Harem by Diana Stark
Publication Date: March 13, 2023
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Edwardian England. Lady Cecily Lester needs money to preserve her estate and escape the influence of her domineering mother. A well-placed investment at a government competition should help... if she also seduces the other candidate into dropping out. That the candidate in question turns out to be a gorgeous man with a silky voice is only a plus, surely, even if his taste for domination is surprising. The plan turns out to be more difficult to bring about than Cecily had expected. However, she will surely solve the problem with the help of her quarry's sworn enemy, an intense and stern blue-eyed novelist, and a certain sweet-natured young inventor who is very eager to do her bidding... quite in every way. This is going to be an interesting country house party.
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