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More: A Why Choose Collection (Masters of Paradise Book 4) by Poppy Flynn
Publication Date: March 12, 2023
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A Why Choose Collection featuring Valentine in Paradise, More, and Basic Instinct(Some of these titles have been previously released in other series) VALENTINE IN PARADISE Why Choose? Beth is a big, beautiful woman who wants to cross a very specific item off her bucket list. The constraints of her conservative job mean it’s not something she can do at home, so she sets off for the island of Elysium to make her dreams come true in paradise. But when she returns home, the reality of her humdrum existence is thrown into sharp relief, and a workplace crisis threatens to ruin her career. Life is full of choices, but It seems that taking a walk on the wild side might just be the worst decision she ever made. Or is it? MORE Trouble in Paradise? A much needed break aboard the Spirit of Paradise cruise ship seems like just the thing to revitalise Luca, Ryan and Zoe's relationship when life begins to take its toll on their unconventional family. But will Zoe's insecurities put even more strain on their increasingly fragile connection? Or will Luca be able to persuade both his lovers to take the final step to forever. BASIC INSTINCT Sometimes you just have to follow your instincts. A toxic relationship left Kimika cautious and lacking confidence. She might work at an alternative lifestyle resort, but she's never found the courage to visit the kink club, Iniquity, no matter how much it intrigues her. But it's the staff Christmas party, and guess where it's taking place? The games are in full swing complete with sprigs of mistletoe tied with gift tags that offer some very tantalising options... like her very own harem; something she's only ever dreamed about. Kimi hadn't meant to stand under that particular sprig of mistletoe, like she was offering herself up, really she hadn't. She'd just wanted a peek at the tag, to see what it said. But that didn't stop three of the resorts most eligible hunks from taking her up on her unwitting invitation. And like a masked thief in the obscurity of illusion, where there were no eyes to see her make a fool of herself, Kimi had stolen make believe moments with these man and woven them together into the most lustful of fantasies… Can a little mistletoe magic make them a reality? These stories contain consensual elements of power exchange and/or MM.
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