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Her Filthy Reverse Harem Romance Collection: A Billionaire Reverse Harem Romance Boxset by Penelope Wylde
Publication Date: March 11, 2023
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Binge the Her Filthy Harem collection and escape into over 500 sultry pages of reverse harem romance. Secret desires, possessive mafia men and protective bodyguards all await you… BONUS CONTENT! Get exclusive access to the first two full chapters of SAVAGE CHAOS before Riot’s explosive hot AF release hits the shelves! Her Filthy Professors: A professors / student reverse harem romance Jemma is the beautiful raven-haired temptation from my senior lecture with the captivating green eyes and curves made of sin. She stirs a raw need in us to find out everything about her. To shower her with the beauties of the world just to see her face light up with joy. We're the kind of men who have nearly everything we want, yet there's one thing missing in our lives. Someone with the softest lips and sweetest heart to warm our souls and bed. The world would say what we want with my young student is wrong, that men like us can't have a woman like her. But they're wrong. Because Jemma promises she wants every inch of what we have to give her. She's afraid of breaking the rules, but we'll show her how good it feels to finally fall for her filthy professors. Her Filthy Mafia Men: A mafia, arranged marriage reverse harem romance. As of three hours ago I learned I'm indebted to the tune of ten million dollars to the Chicago mafia underground because my deceased father couldn't keep his thirst for power and money in check. But before he died, he left me with a gift. An arranged marriage to the ruthless mafia men he owes. This is no fairy-tale story and I'm no wanna-be Cinderella. The three mafia men say I'm theirs. That they own me and I'm powerless to escape. And to prove their point, they hold me captive and will take my body as payment. Once they put their hands on me I'm afraid I'll like what they do to me. Question is, can I be the queen they want me to be? Her Filthy Bratva Bodyguards: A mafia / protector reverse harem romance My trio of bratva men were a one-night stand. My filthy little secret I hid from the rest of the world. After they popped my reverse harem cherry I thought that was where it would end. But they had other ideas. The bastards made a deal with my father and now I am theirs until they say otherwise. And since my father will do anything to protect his only remaining child he willingly handed me over all because of the threats on my life. But these ruthless men aren’t claiming to be my saviors. They're set on ruining me and make no secret of the fact. They try to hide their true natures. To be honest, I don't know which is worse. Being chased by an unknown threat or being eaten by my wolves. Author's naughty note: You want to get down and dirty? Well, this reverse harem romance brings the heat! Go ahead, get cozy and get ready for a wild ride with NINE gorgeous men who want to make you sCREAM!
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