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Wicked Wolves: Rejected Mates Paranormal Omegaverse Romance (Wolf Reborn Book 1) by Lucy Auburn
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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All my life, I've known that I was destined for the First Alpha. I dreamed of his calloused hands. Heard his silky voice in my ear. Felt the beating of his heart against my chest. And burned with the fire of his lust for me. I was meant to be his. So why has he rejected me? The pain of it is so overwhelming that I don't want to live anymore. But the four gods of my people refuse to let me go. With their help, I recover from the wounds the First Alpha left in my body and soul, and face the fact that I may have destroyed my pack. And their hands... their voices... their beating hearts and fiery desire for me... Thale, Lucian, Everett and Adar remind me of the man in my dreams. They are wicked, wicked wolves. My wicked, wicked wolves, it seems. Because I’m their omega, destined to bring the old ways back to life and change the packs forever. Rejected Mates meets Paranormal Omegaverse in this high steam romance! Wolf Reborn is a spinoff of the bestselling Wolf Ascendant series, and has cameos from the previous characters in it, but reading Wolf Ascendant isn't necessary to jump into this series! Wicked Wolves is high heat and has no choosing.
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