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Baby Talk: MMMF Bisexual Reverse Harem Secret Baby Romance (Bi Bi Baby) by Roxanne Riley
Publication Date: March 8, 2023
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I'm supposed to forget about the night I spent with three guys at once.But one of them left behind a very permanent reminder.   My life used to be simple and happy. I'd go to work and then come home to my gorgeous, adoring fiancé, Nolan. We'd spend most of our free time hanging out with our two best friends, Tyler and Gene, a gay couple. Until one drunken night, our casual four-way hangout turned into something else. Nolan dipped into his bisexual side, and it turns out Gene and Tyler were already acquainted with theirs. The two of them got to know both of us on a more-than-friendly level. In fact, the hot things we did together brought me to a new whole new level of ecstasy. It was the best night of my life, and one that I was sure would lead to more. But they all want to pretend it never happened. It's all I can think about, though... at least until tragedy drives us all under one roof. Although we're living in the same house, it feels like we're further apart from each other than ever. All the three of them want is to go back to normal. But two little pink lines on a test prove that our "normal" will be forever changed. Now I'm pregnant and I know my fiance isn't the father. It has to be either Tyler's or Gene's. I'm not sure how to reveal it to any of them or how they'll take the news. But before I can tell them anything, the four of us will actually have to talk. I don't know how to break down these walls between us. Only that I don't want to lose any of them- and I need them all now more than ever.   Coming together ended up putting distance between all of us. But will this baby bring us all back together... forever?   Baby Talk is a bisexual MMMF reverse harem secret baby romance with high heat MM, MF and MMF scenes (swords do cross in this one). It's a standalone in the Bi Bi Baby series, which can be read and understood alone, but because more is always better, they're best when binged together! It has no cliffhangers and no cheating, but it does have a very happily ever after and lots of steam.
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