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Meeting The Billionaire Brothers: A Reverse Harem Romantic Comedy Novella by Jasmine Fox
Publication Date: March 6, 2023
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Ever felt like a Princess? Well I did when a limo showed up for me at my sister's place yesterday. I've been sleeping on her sofa since I split up with Jake. I was told I've got a new job at a swanky hotel. This could not have come at a better time as I've just been laid off from my job. I'm here now, getting the movie star treatment, new clothes and a makeover. But I've had a nagging worry at the back of my mind. Is this too good to be true? Turns out it was! There's a hitch! In this case, there are three hitches: Preston, Hunter and Foster. I thought I was here to be their PA, but it turns out, they want a girlfriend. How on earth will that work? If you like a 'Why Choose' romance with all the feels and a touch of comedy, you'll love Jaz Fox's Novella about the Clemonte brothers. This is a reverse harem romance where the heroine does not have to choose. It is strictly for adults only.
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