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Valiant Wings: Book 7 in the Wings of Destiny series by M. Susan Potter
Publication Date: March 25, 2023
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The Vile is now targeting the guardians to get to Emma and her men who the teams are pledged to protect with their lives. Vangie came too close to losing loved ones and is reeling from the impact of that. Heaven’s armies are invading enemy territory, and everything hinges on their success. All the guardians are on red alert knowing the Pantheons will do everything in their power to kill the prophesied humans which they believe will prevent them from losing the war.Jayden has a wedding he can’t cancel, and the guardians know the Vile will capitalize on the opportunity. A change in strategy will be required if they have any hope of getting through the next few weeks alive. Vangie, Balior, Gideon and Noah are determined not to fail regardless of the odds against them. This is the final book in the Wings of Destiny series containing violence and adult themes. Valiant Wings is a reverse harem romance where all the men focus on their woman with no m/m or f/f scenes.
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