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Saved By 4 Shifters (A Reverse Harem Werebear Romance) by Willow Heart
Publication Date: March 2, 2023
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It was supposed to be a fun nature hike in the woods. But then I saw them. Poachers. Hunting a defenseless cat. Everything was fine until that branch snapped… Now I’m hiding out in town. Can’t trust the police. Good thing I caught the eye of that handsome carpenter. Little did I know, he and his big, burly pals are powerful bear shifters. Protective. Intelligent. And drop-dead, mouthwateringly handsome. But those long, lingering looks… All those declarations of keeping me safe… It’s all just in my imagination. Because men built like gods don't look at a girl like me twice… right? Heroines in danger. Infighting bear shifter packs. And EVERYONE gets a shot telling the story. A SAFE read with steamy fated mates, no cheating—and an HEA that’ll melt your screen! Have fun!
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