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Saved by Her Mountain Daddies: A MFMM Mountain Man Why Choose Romance (Crooked Creek Book 6) by Shae Sullivan
Publication Date: March 2, 2023
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A dangerous ex, an innocent virgin, and the three mountain daddies who will do anything to protect—and please—her. Welcome to Crooked Crest… Pepper Cold, wet, and shivering on a frigid mountain. That's where my cheating ex left me. I’m only hours away from death when I’m saved by a knight in…flannel. Actually, there’s three of them to be exact. Each one delicious and domineering in their own way. An innocent girl like me shouldn’t be having these nasty thoughts about men old enough to be my father—but so sue me, I can’t help it. Because they aren’t just promising to protect me… They’re promising to show me all the pleasures I’ve never known. Warren I never went searching for love. Not looking like I did after surviving a bear attack twenty years ago. But when I found a woman half-frozen in our woodshed, I couldn't just leave her. Then when my buddies Jameson and Marshall came home, we all knew. She could be the one. She’s awakened something inside me Something dark, hot, and feral. And now, I’m burning with need—only for her. Jameson/Marshall We share everything. Including our women. And there's something awfully special about Pepper. She deserves to feel safe. To be protected… To be pleased… To have her happily ever after… And we are just the men for the job. Saved by Her Mountain Daddies is the sixth book in the Crooked Creek World, focusing on ‘Crooked Crest’ set in Colorado. It can be read as a standalone toe-curling, kindle-burning, suspense-filled, MFMM Mountain Man Age Gap— Why Choose Romance. If you like rough, protective men who love to please… this book is for you!
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