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The Swan's Chosen: A Swan Lake Reverse Harem Retelling (The Swan's Harem Book 3) by Ellia Ember
Publication Date: March 2, 2023
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I’m at war with the masters of death and my love for three men—but this is the path I’ve chosen. My head is full, but my heart has room for another. Why can’t I make it open up to Stefan the way it has to a man I grew up hating and my former kidnapper? But when those feelings do come, what am I to do? I have missions to face and lives to save. We could all die tomorrow. If we do, I need them all to know how I feel. But Matteo might not be able to love, James is in over his head, and the Veilth have taken Stefan as leverage. I can’t give them up. I have to follow the path I’ve chosen, but they make it so difficult. All I want is a happy ending, but in this war and with these men, I’m not sure it’ll come. The Swan’s Harem is a slow burn reverse harem trilogy featuring a strong heroine and three complex but desirable leading men. James—the prince who’s proven he’s not the man he was before. Matteo—the villain turned hero who’ll do anything for the woman he doesn’t know how to love. Stefan—the man whose best friend desperately wants to love him back. They will have their happy ending—but only if they survive the war on their world.
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