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My Velvet Boss: Crush (Book 1): A Steamy Office Romance with Why Choose vibes and Happy For Now ending by Veeda Vali
Publication Date: March 1, 2023
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Amel Isn’t it funny when you scour an entire online dating site, and you don’t find one decent man, but then you go on a job interview, and the boss is this tall hot man? When the interview ends, he holds on to your hand a little longer than he should, but his hot assistant, who’s been glaring at him for staring at you, walks you to the door and leaves without a word. Days go by, and you’re sure you didn’t get the job. You’re worried about the bills, but more than anything, you want to see the boss again, but how? Jason Isn’t it funny that the day you promise not to cheat on your girlfriend again, a pretty woman comes in for the interview? You want to hire her. Not because she’s the most qualified of all the other candidates, but because you can’t forget her. But again, you know yourself. She won’t just be your new manager. You’ll cheat again. And you’ll feel like shit again. Exactly how you felt after you crossed the line with your hot assistant. How are you supposed to forget this new woman, now?
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