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Hate to Love Fae: Complete Series Box Set
Publication Date: March 4, 2023
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Fae hunger for my blood. Shifters lust for my body. Either way, I’m ruined. Book 1: Rejected Fae When I met three shifter brothers, The last thing I wanted to do was give myself to them. If they found out I was part fae, they’d probably kill me. But the burly bear protects me, the sly wolf knows my soul, and the arrogant dragon ignites a fire in me I cannot deny… Book 2: Claimed by Shifters Just when my mates learned to trust me, is when I accidentally led them into the belly of the beast. Now the fae want every drop of their blood; and these babies inside me, may never know their fathers…. Book 3: Hybrid Reborn I've been rejected for being half shifter; tortured for being half fae. Now the fae want to steal my hybrid baby—they don't know my power. 18+ only. Get ready to devour this three-book box set of a fae hybrid searching for her fated matesby best-selling author J.L. Wilder. All stories in this series are why choose paranormal romances.
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