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WRATH: A Steamy Paranormal Why Choose Romance (Courting the Seven Book 1) by Ember LeDoux
Publication Date: September 29, 2023
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Embrace the Fire Within - For Some Sins Demand Retribution. Darci has always struggled with anger, but when she awakes one day in a life she is sure is not her own, she confronts the one that has been watching from the shadows. If only she knew, those questions would propel her on a path fate did not have planned. Banished to the underworld to face her demons, Darci navigates the treacherous realm of the dead, and discovers that her anger is a deadly power, sleeping deep inside, that threatens to consume her. Desperate to control her wrath and regain her place among the living, Darci embarks on a perilous journey, facing dangerous foes, and uncovering long-buried secrets. When her path crosses with the despicable princes of hell, her life takes a dangerous turn. As she learns to navigate the treacherous political landscape of the underworld, Darci must also navigate her growing feelings for each of the princes, who offer her a chance at power and love beyond her wildest dreams. Fighting to harness her power and overcome her inner demons, Darci must also confront the possibility that the greatest threat to her survival may be herself. Can she find a way to channel her rage and prevent catastrophe, or will her wrath consume her and unleash destruction on everything she holds dear? WRATH is the thrilling and steamy first book in the COURTING THE SEVEN Paranormal Romance Series. A Why Choose tale of love, power, and sacrifice.
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