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You Will Bow: A Dark College Romance (Wicked Boys of BCU Book 2) byRachel Leigh
Publication Date: May 19, 2023
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All I’ve ever wanted was for someone to look behind my mask and choose to know the real me. I’ve finally found someone who doesn’t judge me for my mistakes and stays by my side while I weave through the shadowy corners of my past. Only problem is, his friends have other plans. I thought one stalker was bad enough, but Lev has proven to be worse than any obsessive crazed man. My secrets now lie in his hands—a monster who calls me his pet and demands I obey. My freshman year at college was supposed to be packed with adventure and a fresh start, but if I don’t take control now, my new life will be over before it even began. There once was a sicko who watched me day and night. His invisible leash, never let me out of his sight. His friends were unlike him, one a monster I feared. The other bled crimson, with a heart that was pure. You Will Bow is book two in the Wicked Boys of BCU Series. It is highly encouraged to start with book one, We Will Reign. Please note, this is a dark college romance and a why choose series, meaning the female character has multiple love interests over the course of the three books.
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