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Healing Souls: A Dark Why Choose Romance: Beautiful Souls Book 2 by Jessa L. James
Publication Date: November 26, 2023
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GraysonIt’s been six months since Harley bolted, and everyone’s been on edge. Six months of worry, strain, and unanswered questions about a girl we barely know but are all drawn to like moths to a flame. So when Harley shows back up unexpectedly, our entire world is shifted on its axis, and everything we’ve ever known changes. Above all else, she’s changed. What was once fragile and broken is now tough and sharp, and there’s a new fire and determination in her eyes that didn’t exist before. I know my brothers well enough to see that as each day passes, the connection between the four of us deepens, and I know Harley feels it too. Ryker is head over heels for her, Cade is in denial and pushes away, and I’m conflicted. Pain, trauma, and suspicion bubbles near the surface, and I just don’t know if she’ll ever fully trust us. Harley Life isn’t like the fairytales I used to believe in. There was never any hero to rescue me. After years of torture, I used what little strength and bravery that wasn’t beaten out of me and saved myself from hell. I set my course on revenge, letting rage fuel my actions, taking me back to the very place that fractured my soul. But now I’m facing the unexpected, and nothing is as it seems. Answers to the questions that burned inside of me for three long years are only leading to more uncertainty, more unknowns, and more anger. I’m afraid of everything I’m feeling now. The anger, the hate, the fear. I’m afraid of the consequences of opening myself up to the three boys that are chiseling cracks into my walls and seeping into my heart. And above all, I’m afraid of myself. But I’m being drawn to them all, powerless to stop it. Like an ember catching a breath of air, something sparks inside of me. Something new. Can they be what heals me? Or will they be my final undoing? This is the second book in the Beautiful Souls series. It can not be read as a standalone. You must read book one first. This book does end on a cliffhanger. The final book in the series will have an HEA. This is a dark why choose romance with graphic sexual content and is not suitable for those under the age of 18. A list of trigger warnings can be found at the beginning of the book.
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