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Taken by Giants: A Reverse Harem MFMM Monster Erotica Novella (Monster Mash: Paranormal Ménages & Reverse Harems) by Zara Jordan
Publication Date: February 19, 2023
Amazon Book Description

I was told a lot of things growing up. 'Giants are bad', 'Marriage is sacred', 'Your husband will protect you'. I never expected they'd all turn out to be lies. A troupe of Giants attacked the city on my wedding day, intent on taking me hostage. My betrothed did nothing to save me, my father was whisked away by the city guard for his protection. I was left alone, in the arms of a massive, grey-skinned monster, with nothing to protect myself with but a shredded bouquet. But when they got me outside the city walls, I learned so many truths that had been hidden from me; The real reason my father wanted me to marry so badly, the way people really lived (and loved) in the Fire Sanctuary, and just how good a Giant could be. And what could be better than one giant? Well... How about three?
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