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A Witch and Her Reapers: A Paranormal Reverse Harem Monster Romance
Publication Date: March 9, 2023
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Why choose? A witch on the hunt for a mate ends up with more than she bargained for.
Thanks to the war, I’ve barely dated. But that’s about to change. My coven is going on a cruise for supernaturals, and I’m finally going to relax.

But the cruise isn’t the vacation I expected. Everyone finds a hookup except me.

I’m all alone. Desperate to escape, I dive into the ocean, and a hot male rescues me from the churning water. But Javier isn’t just any male – he’s a Grim Reaper, a monster, of sorts. Or so everyone thinks.

But he isn't a monster to me. Not only does he take souls to the afterlife, but he’s a personal guard for the Seraphim Angels, who've been tasked with guarding our ship.

I’ve never fallen under anyone’s spell, but Javier has me entranced. But there’s a complication. Javier isn’t a lone wolf. He’s part of a team of three Reapers. Javier, Aden and Camden are a gorgeous package deal.

Javier is all brooding passion. Aden is powerful and intense, and Camden is their strong, steady leader. Fate seems to have brought us together – giving me the possibility of three mates at once.

After a lifetime alone, can I love more than one male at a time? Just as I’m ditching all my boundaries and falling for my sexy Reapers, my blissful world is shattered. I find out they’ve been hiding a secret, one that threatens to rip us all apart.

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