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Delivered to My Mates (Mail-Order Matings Book 1) by Mazzy J. March
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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No one makes me submit —no one. That’s why I was banished from my old pack. A pack where good females were second-class citizens whose decisions are made for them. And any who disagreed were cast out. Most would call me rogue but I prefer the term free. Of course, free comes with a price. I work two jobs, barely making ends meet. My wolf yearns for a pack, for a community. She aches with loneliness. We have no friends. And no time for any. Scraping by. Broken and crushed with rejection. While working at the local dive, a lady left a card with the name of an app on it. The Mail-Order Matings app. I downloaded it for curiosity’s sake but by the time I was done, I had applied to be just that —a female to be ordered like cheesy fries. Never thought someone would actually make an offer. They had no social media presence. Searching on the web had no results. They were shadows. Still, they promised me a good life, luxury, comfort and most of all, freedom. I packed up before reading the terms. That may have been a mistake. Because when I get there, the two men who I had promised myself to weren’t men at all. They were bears. Shifters. Men who changed into monsters. Everyone knew bear shifters were the worst. But I didn’t run. I could last ninety days. Then I’d run. Delivered to Her Mates is Book 1 in the brand new super sweet with building heat Mail-Order Matings Series. Delivered to Her Mates features a female wolf shifter who refused to allow her life to be decided for her then let herself be matched up to bear shifters across the country, two bears who get more than they expected, an arranged mail-order mating, true love, and a found family. And of course Mazzy promises a happy ever after. If you like true mates, fate taking a hand, and shifters surrendering to love, one-click Delivered to Her Mates today.
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