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Kings & Chaos (Aventine University Book 2) bySadie Hunt
Publication Date: May 5, 2023
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Are they my enemies?Or the only people I can trust? Moving in with the Kings of Aventine was supposed to be simple: get close enough to find out what happened to my sister and get the hell out. Yeah, that’s not what happened. Like, at all. Now I’m falling hard for Rock, a golden retriever with the body of a god, and Oscar, the pierced brooder who takes pictures of me when I’m not looking. Even Neo, my bully and stepbrother, isn’t off limits, because apparently my body is a thirsty traitor. Still, there are advantages to having the Kings on my side, especially since I’m now the proud owner of a rage-filled stalker. A few months ago, the stalker would have been my biggest worry. Now? Well, now it’s my addiction to the three men I used to love to hate. This time, we’re all in the line of fire — and none of us will come out unscathed.
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