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Hollow Veins: A Dark Reverse Harem Romance (Sabre Security Book 3) by J Rose
Publication Date: July 21, 2023
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All I ever wanted was the chance to live. From the moment I left my cage, I’ve fought for every single breath. But my new life came at a cost. The rapture approaches. Hysteria is taking over the country. Michael Abaddon stole everything from me. My freedom. My sanity. My soul. As his reign of terror escalates, the time has come to take my life back. He wants to burn us all. But I’ll be the one to set the world on fire. Our family is pushed to a breaking point as Sabre Security nears the brink of collapse. All we want is a fresh start. A future. The chance to rebuild our lives in peace. We must defeat the devil first or die trying. Either way, we’ll go down in flames… together. The end of the road is here. This is our happy f*cking forever. Author’s Note: Hollow Veins is the third and final book in the Sabre Security series. It must be read in order. Full trigger warning available inside the book.
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