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Cruel Betrayal: A Dark Why Choose Romance (Ruthless Desires Book 5) by Elira Firethorn
Publication Date: August 22, 2023
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Being in their enemy's inner circle has never been easier for Elliot, Rhett, and Oliver. Not only have they earned Ludo's trust, but Wren's friendship with Aubrey has turned out to be more beneficial than they ever could've predicted. Still, there's no room for celebration. Not when the constant threat of something happening to Rhett's brothers is looming over everyone's heads. Tension is running high as the guys form a plan to finish things once and for all. Haunting pasts, familial pressure, and mounting anxiety all come to a head as Ludo and Aubrey’s wedding approaches. When the guys and Wren are presented with an opportunity to steal the information Ludo keeps under lock and key, they realize it means doing the one thing they've been trying desperately to avoid: putting Wren in danger. In order for their plan to work, Wren will have to pull off a heist by herself. She’s not ready, but they can’t afford to miss this chance. This close to the end, getting what they want means taking risks. But will they go too far—or not far enough? Cruel Betrayal is the fifth book in the Ruthless Desires Series. It's a dark MMMF polyamorous/why choose romance book that contains high heat and dark themes. Please check the Before You Read section at the beginning of the book for more information.
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