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Love & Blood (A Kuramordere Mafia Story Book 3) by Iris James
Publication Date: August 18, 2023
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When I read the note and fell into a fit of panic, I thought ‘this is it. This is the end of Isla.’ Since there can never be an end to me without ending them as well, I pull myself up by the bra straps I no longer have thanks to Cash and crumble. I may be strong enough to survive this mess, but the scars run deep and the trauma of my past haunts my every thought. I try my best to forget, but the whole part about forgiveness isn’t in me and no one blames me for what happens next. Without much thought, I take my mates to bed and fulfill my revenge on the ones who forced me into theirs. Then doubt slips in because ignorance might be bliss but… you get the idea. With an uncertain future ahead of us, more enemies to slay, and a few too many handfuls of issues to sort out, I can’t help but think that love might be our saving grace. That and the blood of our enemies because I demand both, and my mates will give me everything I need in this life. Join Isla in this one of a kind vampire omegaverse with a twist that will make your cervix question reality.
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