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Hard Night: A Paranormal Gargoyle Romance (Monster Prey Mates Book 2)
Publication Date: May 31, 2023
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He's the monster in the cage who would do anything to get back to his mates. Even me. Especially me. I'd heard the rumors about the sub-basement at Prometheus Labs since I was forced to take the only job open to me. Now, with my student debts mounting and my funding in doubt, I have no choice but to take Professor Castaban's creepy assignment. Which is when I discover the rumours were true. They're keeping a monster in a cage. And I'm supposed to study him. Ruzzaur is the biggest creature I've ever seen, all wings, stone gray skin and a talented tail. This massive gargoyle is domination personified and what he wants…he gets. I shouldn't give in to him, but his piercing eyes and growl light a fire within me. I cannot see him caged. But he won't let me set him free until I agree to one condition...I have to go with him, back to his world. Back to his mates, the cocky Bemorr and quiet, thoughtful Akon. They've been waiting for their mate and they didn't expect me. Trouble is, I've already fallen for Ruzzaur, but if you take one gargoyle from a roost, you have to take them all. Now, all I have to do is convince them to let me be part of their roost and stop Ruzzaur going after the worst monster. The one who captured him and the human who will kill him, kill them all, if he gets a chance. Only nothing is simple in this new world filled with my worst nightmares. Before I know it, I'm in a fight to end all fights. Because if I lose my gargoyles, I lose everything. And I’m not letting them go, not this time. Hard Night is a full length novel featuring three gargoyle mates and a human scientist who is about to get up close and personal with her test subjects. Spicy, sensual and delicious, these gargoyles will steal your heart. No cliffhanger and always a HEA. For mature audiences only.
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