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Hell Of A Game
Publication Date: March 31, 2023
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All I wanted was to have a fun girl's night at the traveling carnival that stopped in town for the weekend. Is that too much to ask?? After a recent breakup, I absolutely needed a night out with my roommates. I didn't expect to have so much fun or to meet a group of four sexy guys that worked at the carnival. I also didn't expect the four guys to be demons from Hell either… Succeeding a crazy night that couldn’t have been real, I woke up in my bed like nothing had happened. I thought it all must have been a dream... That is until I keep seeing the demons everywhere… Soon, they come to me and tell me what I really am... And it's not entirely human… Being a busy holiday weekend, I haven't seen my roommates since we went to the carnival together. That's when I found the real purpose of the carnival and how it’s all just a front for soul trafficking. Both of my friends ended up being sucked up into the game… And I'll fight through Hell itself if I have to, to save them… A Why Choose Demon Romance intended only for readers 18+.
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